The TECHNONICOL extrusion-type polystyrene is a slab heat insulating material with uniformly distributed closed cells.

It has a number of very important properties, such as low thermal conductivity and no water adsorption, which allows for using the material on ballasted roofs. High durability makes it possible to use the material on heavily loaded roofs, e.g. terrace roof or platform roof for motor vehicle passage. The application of extrusion-type polystyrene considerably increases the operating period of the entire insulation system, be it for roof or foundation structures.

Extrusion-type polystyrene is produced by extrusion (material is forced through conical holes at a certain temperature). It has homogenous structure with a cell diameter of up to 0.2 mm. The material is produced from polystyrene granules mixed with a foaming agent under pressure and at a high temperature. This material is easy-to-use, and it can be easily installed without using any expensive complicated equipment.

Areas of application:

It is intended to be used as heat insulation for all enclosures, i.e. roofs, foundations, floors, cellars, and even the bottom part of the façade.

  • TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO, TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF are heat insulation for ballasted, multipurpose, and traditional roofs. They are also used for plaster façade systems installed on a steam-tight material wall (TECHNO stone wool insets are required). It is used in loggia and balcony structures; are heat insulation for foundations and basements of premises, under-floor heating, floors on ground, and also for insulation of cold bridges in precast panel construction;
  • TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID is heat insulation for floors in refrigeration chambers, ice rinks, multipurpose roofs, roads, and railroads;
  • TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SLOPE is intended as an easy and fast way of creating roof slopes;
  • TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO FAS is intended to be used for the heat insulating layer in plaster façade systems, and the heat insulation of the bottom part of the façade;
  • TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO DRAIN is intended for wall drainage and additional heat insulation in the foundation structure. It can also be used for ballasted roofs in order to make water drainage better.


Roof: mechanical application of the material to a foundation by use of hardware is possible. In case of ballasted roof or multipurpose coating installation it can be laid freely, since it will support the load of the upper layers. Adhesion to coldgluing mastic is also possible (for roofs with a slight slope);

Facade: when used asheat insulation for the façade in the bottom part, the material can be glued using adhesive compositions or special gluing mastic, as well as mechanically.

Foundation: it is enough only to fasten the material to a vertical surface through use of a special gluing mastic (TECHNONICOL No.27), and the foundation wall must be back-filled upon completion.

At the moment, there is no standard range of materials appropriate to the given category. For information you can contact our expert.