Description:LOGICROOF T-SL

LOGICBASE V-SL is a homogenous unreinforced two-layer waterproofing membrane based on high-quality plasticized polyvinylchloride (PVC-P) with a bright-yellow top signal layer. It is used for waterproofing bridgeworks, tunnels, basements of buildings and structures. The length of a membrane roll can be chosen by request.

The surface is smooth, with TechnoNICOL logo; the top surface is an alarm - bright yellow; the bottom surface is black.

Thickness range: 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm.


    • ƒƒ Signal layer
    • ƒƒ Fire-free method for installation
    • ƒƒ High resistance to ageing
    • ƒƒ High tensile strength and elongation
    • ƒƒ Service life no less than 60 years
    • ƒƒ Length of roll by request

    Application method:

    LOGICBASE V-SL PVC-P-membrane should be welded using hot air produced by automatic welding equipment Contact with all materials containing bitumen or solvents should be avoided. Direct contact with polymeric materials made of polystyrene (EPS, XPS, PIR, PUR) is not allowed. Temperature limitations for installation:  Air temperature: min +5°C/max +50°C.

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