NICOBAND is a universal self-adhesive sealing tape produced from a self-adhesive bitumen layer with a reinforced aluminum coating and a protective film.

The material is lightweight and convenient to use, and it bonds ideally to concrete, plaster, metal, bitumen, stone, wood, plastic and other surfaces. The reinforced aluminum coating provides for breaking strength and resistance against UV-radiation.

Areas of application:

NICOBAND can be used in all climatic zones. NICOBAND tape sealant is intended for sealing seams and joints, repairing cracks, waterproofing, and corrosion protection. It is ideal for sealing seams on a roof, as well as seams on floors and walls in a bathroom, sealing pipe joints and repairing metal containers.


The tape is to be attached on an even, dry and prepared surface. In order to form a reliable bond, the tape should be tightly pressed by hand or by use of a roller. On vertical surfaces the material should be attached by means of a clamping bar. It is not recommended to use the NICOBAND tape on hot surfaces, whose temperature is above 45-50 °С. To perform qualitative gluing, the foundation and material temperature should not be less than +5 °СAt lower temperatures the foundation surface and the material bottom surface should be warmed up by use of a hot air gun.



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