NICOBAND DUO is a two-sided self-adhesive bitumen-polymer tape to be used for surface sealing and gluing.

NICOBAND DUO sealant is manufactured as a tape (a layer of a special dense bitumen-polymer mix is embedded between siliconized easy removable protective film layers) that allows for making seals fast and carefully, without any additional implements and practically without any preliminary preparation.

The two-sided self-adhesive NICOBAND DUO tape sealant provides for a strong adhesion to various surfaces, including metal, slate, wood, plastic, plaster, glass and other surfaces, which allow for joining and sealing elements of varying surface textures and properties.

Areas of application:

The NICOBAND DUO material can be used in all climatic zones.

The NICOBAND DUO tape sealant is good in applications where waterproofing of tight surfaces is required. It performs two functions at the same time, i.e. gluing surfaces across the entire contact area and sealing gaps in-between areas in a reliable manner. At the same time, sealing can be produced at any hard-to-access place. It is intended for sealing joints and seams in various structures, seams on roofs, including pipes, windows, and parapets.

Method of application:

 The tape is to be applied on an even, dry and prepared surface. Once the protective film is taken off one side, the tape should be tightly pressed against a surface by hand or by use of a roller. The film is further to be taken off the other side of the material, and the element to be glued has to be pressed. It is not recommended to use the NICOBAND DUO tape on hot surfaces whose temperature is above 45-50 °С.

In order to perform qualitative gluing, the foundation and material temperature should not be less than +5 °С.

At lower temperatures the foundation surface and the material bottom surface should be warmed up by use of a hot air gun.

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