Application areas:


NICOBAND INSIDE is intended for indoor use. For example it may be

  • Sealing joints in the ventilation system (ducts, floors exible ducts).
  • Sealing of various pipes in cold areas.
  • The product adjacencies to the walls, and other protruding parts for sealing the interior floors of the roll and mastic materials.
  • The unit is waterproof floors in the rooms (bathrooms, kitchen) without the use of protective cement sand screed. Directly on the material can be glued ceramic tile.

Also used where the material will be closed from the effects of UV rays:

  • The unit capillary cutoff for masonry and wood construction.
  • Vapor barrier and waterproofing assembly seams at the organization of heat insulation of foamed polyethylene.


NICOBAND INSIDE is a self-adhesive sealing and waterproofing bitumenpolymer tape. Produced by unilateral application of anti-adhesion to the polymer film self-adhesive bitumen-polymer binder consisting of bitumen, SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene) polymer modifiers and special adhesive additives. As a protective layer on the other side of self-adhesive non-woven polypropylene used (Spunbond).

Placing method:

Attached to the base of dry cleaned. Fit, without any equipment. It is recommended to work at temperatures below +5 °

Nicoband InsideNicoband Inside


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