TECHNONICOL SHINGLAS roofing shingles create unique architectural expressiveness through a wide variety of shapes, colors and shades (more than 50 types).

The shingles on their front side have a colored mineral coating. It is due to this that the roofing shingles achieve their high aesthetic qualities. Stunning dark blue... passionate red-cinnamon... sweet olive... a huge range of colors will allow you to implement the design of your home in any style: from the Baroque to Gothic, from classical to hi-tech...

Multilayer roofing shingles are a new roofing standard:

The multilayer structure will protect your home for years to come. These shingles feature the benefit of multilayer water protection. When installed, at least three full shingles are layered over the entire roof. Its resistance to environmental loads, including wind, solar, and hydraulic loads, is so high that the manufacturer's official warranty covers up to 60 years. No matter what the climate is, TECHNONICOL SHINGLAS provides guaranteed comfort and safety in your home. 

Areas of application:

Roofing shingles intended to be used for any complexity and configuration roofs covering and reconstruction of old roofs with a slope of ≥ 12°.


The roofing shingles are secured to the foundation using special nails. The installation is so simple that any person can do it.