3D shingles on your roof!

The Collection TOP is a premium class material, a challenge to the usual, it is a combination of beauty and reliability. This is a two-layer laminated Shinglas with improved specifications that is produced by the two-layer placing of high quality modified bitumen on a fiberglass foundation. A coarse-grained colored mineral dressing compound is used as a protective layer, which is effective for protecting the material against sunlight and increasing material service life. The multi-layered structure provides for enhanced durability, perfect waterproof properties, and wind resistance.

The material has a wide range of colored dressing compound that makes it look impressive, and the design of the covering imitates natural roofing. The shingle upper-layer is very colorfast, due to uniform dying of mineral granules that guarantees the splendid looks of the roof over a long period of time.

Areas of application:

The Collection TOP flexible shingle is intended as roofs waterproofing that are configured in various layouts with a slope of 12°C or more. It can be used just as well for installation of a new roof or reconstruction of an old one.


The shingle is placed on a closed boarding plank. It is fastened to the foundation by means of special clout nails and a special self-adhesive layer for fastening materials together. 



Triple layer laminated shingle CONTINENT – another step to the way of individuality and unique style. Voluminous, relief and exclusive roof sets the new standard for a special house where every detail reflects the character of its owner.

The material service life lasts as long as 60 years!

Continent AfricaContinent AmericaContinent AsiaContinent Europe


WESTERN series

Patented form, which does not have analogues in the world. Incredible holographic effect, embodied in classics. Beautiful colours and excellent technical characteristics – this is series WESTERN.

The material service life lasts as long as 55 years!

Western ConyonWestern KlondikeWestern NiagaraWestern Prairie

JAZZ series

Jazz series SHINGLAS is a premium product intended for original designer solutions. The multi-layered SHINGLAS has increased strength, wind resistance and durability, and adds volume to a roofing structure.

The material service life lasts as long as 50 years!

Jazz AlikanteJazz BarcelonaJazz CastiliaJazz Corrida
Jazz IndigoJazz SevilliaJazz TerraJazz Toskana


COUNTRY series

Laminated shingles series COUNTRY with extended range of colors help you to realize various architectural ideas and give to your roof wonderful three-dimensional image.

The material service life lasts as long as 35 years!

Country AlabamaCountry ArizonaCountry AtlantaCountry Michigan
Country OhioCountry OntarioCountry TexasCountry Utah

RANCHO series

Series RANCHO – the good choise for every house, for every roof. Earlier laminated shingle was considered elite product. Today we make excellent quality and aesthetics affordable to everyone.

The material service life lasts as long as 20 years!

Rancho BrownRancho GreyRancho Red


Shinglas flexible shingle сollection 2015

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