Save your money without saving on quality!


1. Reliability and quality at an affordable price.

The long life of the building is directly related to the materials used in its construction. Wanting to save money during construction, the buyer purchases the cheaper materials, but after some time the problem starts, which entail additional costs to operate the facility. And it turns out that by spending a small amount of the purchase, the buyer will soon forget about the economy, and then putting the same amount to maintain facility. Obviously, purchasing of the quality materials is profitable in the long term. People often consider - quality means expensive. Is it possible to get a cost-effective and high-quality material? In TechnoNICOL - possible!

Let's see why our materials are cheap and high-quality:

  • We have access to cheaper Russian bitumen, which is not worse than European analogs.
  • Our company has own quarry for the slate extraction, which is used as a protective coating material for the top layer of the roof membrane. We ourselves determine its cost.
  • Domestic manufacture of fiber-glass base. Its significantly affects the cost of roofing and waterproofing materials on fiber-glass base.
  • If we are talking about materials from oxidized bitumen - we ourselves oxidize bitumen  in our oxidation plants, controlling the quality.
  • Most of the components, that make up the quality of the materials, are produced directly on the TechnoNICOL's production base, it allows us to provide economical materials and constantly monitor the quality.

2. Wide range of the produced materials allows us to offer you material for any purpose.

Obviously, the load on the material, installed on the dwelling house roof, is different from the load on the material for bridge waterproofing. We have calculated all possible load combinations for different objects and materials, and we can offer you materials with different characteristics, that will fit exactly to your object and you will not overpay for unnecessary properties.


3. We produce not only waterproofing materials, but also heat insulation and a variety of additional products, that allow you to create energy-efficient system for your home.

The company develops, manufactures and promotes at the construction markets materials and systems that minimize heat-loss in the industrial sector and public utilities. We achieve a significant reduction of your costs for heating and conditioning buildings. We introduce building systems, aimed at the creation of building "energy-efficient envelope"  - the comprehensive protection of the structure from the foundation to the roof.


4. Applying ready and tested solution you save time and money!

The materials for high-quality waterproofing and heat insulation are produced in one company, it allows us to talk about the compatibility of our products and the reasonableness of the proposed solutions. Material compatibility with each other - one of the basic conditions to obtain a reliable complete insulation system. That's why our experts have developed a professional technical solutions - building systems. These builds on the three principles: the compatibility of components, durability and reasonable price. Now you can get the best complete solution and professional help for its installation.


5. We are improving ourself, improving the products quality and the principles of interaction with the customer, without increasing the cost of the material for the end purchaser.

We apply the principle of lean-production, focused on: 

  • a reasonable producing of materials to order that meet the demand; 
  • improving production quality, reducing inventory levels of resources used; 
  • continuous training of production personnel;
  • introduction of flexible modern production technologies and integration them into a single chain of interacting with partners technology.