SINTEF technical approval SINTEF technical approval

Quality of roofing and waterproofing TechnoNICOL materials has confirmed by leading Norwegian Building Research Institute SINTEF.

Since November 2013 the highest quality of roofing and waterproofing materials,  produced for export to the Nordic Countries, has been certified by leading Norwegian Building Research Institute SINTEF. This certificate demonstrates that materials meet the characteristics stated in the technical documentation for the product , as well as their properties , applications and operating conditions fully meet the high requirements of the Norwegian building regulations.

It is important to mention that for certification in this research institute allowed only high quality materials, which are able to have a positive impact on productivity in the country and increase the already very high standard of living.

SINTEF certificate confirms that a tested material is suitable for use in the most demanding construction projects in Norway!

TechnoNICOL company is constantly evolving, introducing new technologies and improving the produced materials, the only thing that remains the same - it's the quality of its products. About 20% of the materials produced for export and for the success of the construction market in Europe all products are being tested and certified in accordance with the requirements and standards of any country.

SINTEF technical approval refers to single-ply roofing material Technoelast K-YS 5500 and double layered waterproofing system Technoelast K-MS 170/3000 and Technoelast K-PS 170/5000.