Reliable synthetic membranes of the premium quality LOGICBASE V-SL have been chosen for the construction of tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir state of India.

This object is truly unique: it is located in a mountainous area and has a complex structure; its total length is 13 km, while the total area of insulation is about 600,000 m². Moreover, installation is carried out at below zero temperatures. In this situation, the leading state customer was looking for a material with high technical characteristics tested by both Indian and well-known European laboratories. That is why synthetic membrane of the premium quality LOGICBASE V-SL has become the best choice.

 LOGICBASE material of TECHNONICOL Corporation have been competing with leading world brands in a complex tender procedure and won.

Now, the first 20,000 m² of polymer waterproofing material have been already installed on the site. Workers and engineers give positive feedbacks about high quality of the material, convenience of working with it, good weldability in difficult climatic conditions. In the near future, supply of the polymer membrane LOGICBASE V-SL will begin to several other road infrastructure projects in India.

TECHNONICOL Corporation confidently develops as an international company providing reliable and technological building solutions and high-quality materials to its customers in many regions of the world.