Loft Town

The first loft town in Eastern Europe – this name has already been awarded to the project “Loft Town” implemented in the 50000 square meters in premises of the former Fuel Equipment Factory (Vilnius).

Buildings soon will remind city in the city, there will be equipped apartments, studios, lofts and offices of various sizes. First time in Lithuania experienced team set about remaking unused buildings for other purposes in the same scale. This innovative project combines advanced technology, economy and safety. Special attention is paid to environmental issues and principles related to environmental protection. The exterior of the former industrial area will be changed due to a few green areas and children's playgrounds. Already started the implementation of innovative solutions for the benefit of future tenants: high speed internet, the accounting system of "Smart House», solar energy for lighting common areas.


Materials: MIDA Unifleks PV S3sMIDA Unifleks PV S4b