The largest in the CIS plant for the production of basalt insulation with a total area of more than 300 000 m ² was launched in 2006 in Ryazan. In addition to the industrial complex, the plant has a training center for training and development, trucks parking, a distribution center and many infrastructure venues. A special source of pride is the accredited laboratory for quality control, which has no analogues in the CIS.


Laboratory specialists perform quality control throughout the manufacturing process: they test raw materials, supervise the process of creating thermal insulation products, and pay special attention to the output parameters of the end product.

The plant is equipped with high-tech production equipment, and a management and visualization system which is installed on the line allows for centralized control and regulation of all process parameters necessary for producing quality products. Additionally, the line that is installed in Ryazan has a number of specific features. The main feature is a special process, ESBE Plus (ElectroStatic Binding Enhancement), for the conformal coating of rock wool by binding material in a forming chamber . ESBE Plus technology is the know-how of TechnoNICOL. It was developed at the Corporation's Research Center, and it has no competitive analogues.

Product range:

All the plant's products are subdivided by area of application. The product range includes heat insulation for plaster and ventilated facades, pitched and flat roofs, floors, walls, etc. In 2007, the production of boards intended for making sandwich panels began.


In 2008, the TechnoNICOL Corporation introduced to the market innovative insulation using double density slabs.

Production process covers all stages: from raw material processing to packaging. Thermo stencil is applied to pack finished products, and then products are placed on pallets, which in turn are packaged into a stretch hood giving distinct advantage in the transportation and storage of products.

TECHNONICOL products feature high heat-saving capacity, fire safety, good sound absorption, hydrophobic properties, durability and resistance to deformation. All insulation materials belonging to the TECHNONICOL brand are produced in accordance with specifications, and they are certified and environmentally safe.

A Research and Development Centre (R&D Centre) has been established on the territory of the plant, and its main objectives are: in-depth analysis of the properties of raw materials, finished products, processes and information in order to use the latest modern and efficient methods for making high-quality products.

In order to achieve the maximum satisfaction on the part of both external and internal customers, the principles of total quality management are actively used within the company. Quality is the main criterion for efficiency of all departments and services, ranging from procurement of raw materials and equipment to services, logistics and customer service. Cooperation between subdivisions is based on a process approach to management. Its implementation allowed the company to obtain an international certificate of compliance with ISO 9001:2000 in the design, manufacture and sales of mineral wool slabs in the shortest possible time. Currently principles of "lean manufacturing" are actively implemented within the company to maintain continuous improvement of production processes and reduction of overhead.

Particular attention is paid to environmental protection and occupational safety at the plant.

The whole process is performed according to non-waste production technologies. Cladding scraps are mixed with cement, pressed into pellets and reused in production. Atmospheric protection is carried out by a powerful machine permitting the capture of gases and particles in the filter, as well as by burning cupola gases in the afterburner.

Environmental safety is closely connected with production safety. The highest level system of labor protection is used at the company. In 2007, the TECHNO plant was certified by FSI "All-Russian Center of Labor Protection" of Rozdrav RF according to the certification system for labor safety in organizations.