Range and geography:

The plant produces bitumen and polymer-bitumen materials for roofing and waterproofing.Underlayers for different types of roofing materials. As well as materials for waterproofing of bridges and flyovers. An advantageous geographical location makes it possible to provide roofing materials to all the regions of the Czech Republic and Europe.

Quality: The plant uses a system of multi-stage quality control from the moment of receipt of raw materials from suppliers to the shipment of goods from the plant warehouse.

A quality control systemcomplying with ISO 9001 certification was introduced at the place of production. The company has a modern laboratory to support quality control.


The Dechtothema plant located in Běla pod Bezdězem produces bitumen insulation materials and has a hundred years of experience in this sphere. The plant was founded in 1868.

Since 1991, there have been a series of changes to the Dechtothema plant that have had an impact primarily on the quality of produced materials and on the expansion of the range of products and services provided to customers.

The Bitumat plant's production traditions began in 1875, when a company that distilled tar and produced bitumen materials (with subsequent use in construction) was founded.

In 1996 the Dehtochema company acquired the Bitumat company.

Thus, in 1998 Dehtochema Bitumat JSC was established with manufacturing plants in Běla pod Bezdězem and in Oslavany.

Over the years, the company was modernized several times: new production lines have appeared and the latest technologies were mastered.

And a fundamentally new approach to the production process was introduced in 2008, when the factory became a part of the TechnoNICOL company.


Employees of the company receive all the necessary social protections. Particular attention is paid to labor safety. Centrifugal collector and respiration systems, an air exhaust system, and filters have been installed in industrial premises. The plant area has been landscaped and greenery has been planted.