Product range and geography:

The plant produces a wide range of polymer-bitumen roofing and waterproofing melted materials, self-adhesive materials, and cladding. Materials for green roofs, radon-gas protected materials, as well as materials for the waterproofing of bridges.

The plant also produces roofing and waterproofing, hot and cold mastics. Mastics and primers are available with organic solvent and water bases.

The plant's convenient location in northwest Russia makes it possible to supply products all over Europe, especially to Scandinavian countries.


For more than 10 years the plant's roofing and waterproofing materials have been represented in the markets of the Baltic countries, 7 years on the Finnish market5 years on the Swedish market.Large steps are currently being taken to penetrate the Norwegian market. 

The total volume of export represents over 10 million square meters of material per year.

We love challenging and interesting tasks; we once supplied a batch of mastics to Israel!


Since 1999 it was decided to establish a quality system within the plant that satisfies ISO 9002 requirements In February 2005, the VTT certificate of the city of Helsinki was awarded for three types of Technoelast products All products are reliable and of high quality. Meets all European standards, as well as the separate regulations of those countries where deliveries are made. This is confirmed by certificates, and now our materials are used at many major sites in the residential and industrial sectors of Europe.


The history of the Vyborg plant for the manufacture of roofing and waterproofing materials dates back to 1918. At that time the "Tienhaara carton and roofing plant" JSC was founded and the plant was located in Finland.

In 1994 the plant became part of the TechnoNICOL company, this plant was the Company's first plant. The state of the plant benefited from being part of our company.

In 1996-1997, general reconstruction of the plant was carried out. A new production line with a capacity of 14,000 million m2 of polymer-bitumen per year was installed. In a short time the old ruberoid plant became one of most modern production facilities for roofing materials in Russia.

In 2003 the plant began production of mastics and primers that were in demand on construction market.

In 2004 the company installed a second high-tech production line to produce modern melted roofing materials. Its capacity reaches 18,000 million m² per year!

On May 13, 2011 a third line similar to the second one, but with the ability to pack materials in paper and with some other technological innovations was launched!

In 2011, the total capacity of the plant 35 million square meters of material per year!


The plant in Vyborg is the first plant of the Company! Many people began working here from the time of the founding of TechnoNICOL, and there are workers in manufacturing and factory management who have worked in this industry and at the plant for over 20 years. They know everything about materials and technologies!

At the moment, 100 highly qualified specialists are working at the plant. They are responsible for the high quality of the material and a correct pricing policy. Employees at the plant have helped their enterprise attain a high level of popularity among Russian and foreign customers!