Product range and geography:

The plant currently manufactures slabs produced from extrusion-type expanded polystyrene.
The TECHNONICOL XPS slab is a modern insulating material that is widely used in construction for the arrangement of insulation for foundations, roofs, floors, insulation of facades, and the thermal insulation of railways and highways.
This is insulating material with uniformly distributed closed cells, which do not absorb water, do not swell and shrink, and are chemical and rot-resistant. Its high strength allows for an even and simultaneously rigid foundation that significantly increases the service life of the entire thermal insulating system.

The plant's convenient location in the European part of Russia makes delivering materials across Europe convenient.

The "TECHNOPLEX" plant in Ryazan is the first plant of "TechnoNICOL" corporation, the market leader for waterproofing and thermal insulation materials for the production of TECHNONICOL XPS extrusion-type expanded polystyrene.
The plant was started in response to high growth rates in the consumption of thermal-insulating slabs by the Russian construction market.
The structure of the plant includes a production and technical department, energy-mechanical department and technical control department.
Fully automated equipment that is installed at the factory can produce 450,000 cubic meters of finished products per year.